Mens Fashion – Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Wearing a Suit

When it comes to mens fashion, wearing a suit is surely one of the most iconic statements a man can make. This outfit is a truly timeless style that is a staple for any man’s wardrobe in 2021. Most men know how important this outfit is, that is why they spend lots of time and money looking for the perfect fitting suit. It is, however, important to note that putting on a bespoke or made-to-measure suit that fits you like a glove is just half the job done. There are some common pitfalls men fall into when wearing a suit which completely ruins everything.

Getting a bespoke suit from a Savile Row tailor is good, but wearing it the right way is even better. Complete your sartorial journey by avoiding these common mens fashion mistakes.

1. Remove labels
Before wearing your suit make sure you remove the branding label. A great suit certainly speaks for itself, you don’t need to keep the labels on to do that job. A helpful tip would be to ask your retailer or tailor to remove it for you just in case it was stitched tightly because it might require a special tool to do it properly.

2. Have a good shirt
A mens fashion mistake lots of people make is underestimating the importance of a good shirt. It is common to see men with great suits wandering around London with baggy, tired or un-ironed shirts. This simply neutralises the smart look the suit was supposed to provide. To get it right, make sure you go for a well ironed and fitting shirt with its sleeves just sitting on the wrist.

3. Belts and shoes
When it comes to wearing your suit properly, your belt and shoes are supposed to be in a unique romantic relationship that is why they must be matched correctly. It is true that some men have their favourite belts which they put on a regular basis. The problem is not matching them with your shoes, for example, having a black belt and a brown shoe. That, simply, is a mens fashion crime.

Donning a perfectly fitting suit from the Hidalgo Brothers is like shrugging on confidence. Paying attention to the tips above will make it even better as you will feel more attractive and secure in your decisions. Get in touch with us for more information.