Suit Tailoring Options: Made-to-Measure, Bespoke and Ready-To-Wear

Are you ready to suit up? Ever wonder if a suit is bespoke, made-to-measure or ready-to-wear? These suit tailoring options can make a big difference in price and quality. Some men swear that a suit that’s been made just for them is well worth the extra money, while others say that it’s not worth the wait.

Whether you’re going to be wearing your suit on a regular basis or just occasionally, knowing what these three suit options have to offer, makes buying one less of a headache.

1. What Is A Ready-To-Wear Suit?

Ready-to-wear suits are also known as off-the-rack suits. They are ready to wear immediately with no changes required, unlike bespoke or made-to-measure suits where a tailor pays close attention to the fit. Ready-to-wear suits are typically priced lower than bespoke or made-to-measure because they are made using generic sizes and pre-established models.

2. What Is A Made-To-Measure Suit?

A made-to-measure suit is a custom-tailored suit that will be adjusted from an existing model. While having a suit made-to-measure may cost less and take less time than bespoke suits, that doesn’t mean they’re low quality. As long as you find a reputable tailor who has extensive experience crafting suits for a wide range of clients, you’re likely to get something that’s well-made and fits your body like a glove.

3. What Is A Bespoke Suit?

A suit maker who offers bespoke suit tailoring will take all sorts of measurements and compare each one to the dimensions of their 3D body template. Afterwards, they’ll use these numbers to create a hand-crafted and unique pattern from scratch.

This suit will be crafted to suit the measurements of only you and nobody else. It’s made out of high-quality materials such as wool, cotton, velvet and cashmere. This suit is usually more expensive than other suit tailoring options because it takes a lot of time, attention and expertise to complete.

Ultimately, all these suit tailoring options have their pros and cons. However, knowing the difference is important because it helps you choose the option that best meets your specific needs at a particular time.

For example, ready-to-wear suits might be best if you’re looking for something quickly without too much detail or customisation. On the other hand, bespoke is perfect if it requires an exact fit but has more time constraints than made-to-measure options do. Made-to-measure falls somewhere between these two extremes, as they need less time than bespoke but offer a better fit than ready-to-wear garments.

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