The Best Women Suit Tailor in London

Women suiting has become enormous in recent times, as women are no longer borrowing from men. You will concur that donning a classic bespoke suit brings out that other hidden personality in you. So if you’re wondering where to find the best women suit tailor in London for that unique style, you should pay a visit to Mayfair Street. Savile Row was once an exclusively male domain, but these Mayfair street has transformed into a more inclusive destination with a new wave of women suit tailors, cutting suits for women. These suits vary from single-breasted to double-breasted with numerous trousers styles ranging from straight-leg to wide-leg to cigarette-legs. 

With these few artisans offering services to women, how do you determine the best women’s suit tailor? Before answering the question, try considering a tailor that will guide you through the crafting of your high-end suit. These three things should be on your checklist before any final decision.

Have a Detailed Plan

Start by identifying the need you want to satisfy. Perhaps you need something new and empowering in your wardrobe or preparing for an important event. Whatever that need is, always set a budget to guide you from overspending or making erroneous decisions.

Don’t just end at the budgeting level, but go as far as learning about the different women’s suit types, styles, and colours that will suit your body shape and tone. Once you have an idea of that, proceed to the next stage.

Do Your Research & Ask Recommendations From Friends

The challenge of designing women’s bespoke suit program quickly became apparent compare to men’s suiting as women’s suiting is notably different in the cut and fabric. The main reason you need the best women’s suit tailor that will design a suit that fits like a glove. You might have seen a few pretty styles on friends that caught your attention, ask for a recommendation, or do a Google search and pick those firms you think you can give them a try.

Get in Touch

This last stage is to get in touch with the different firms you chose to learn more about their services and see samples of their previous works. They may have designed something similar to that of your need. Once that process is completed, compare and make your final selection on the best tailor.

Recommend you can start your search with us, the Hidalgo Brothers, skilled artisans in the design of bespoke suits for both ladies and gens.

Three Distinct Styling Cuts Feature For Women Suiting

Women have more advantages with suit colours and styles compare to men. And if you’re looking for an empowered suit for the workplace or something stylish and serious at the time, the Hidalgo Brothers got you covered. 

We will all agree that a great suit comes down to a great cut, and women’s suits are a little more complicated because of the sheer number of variations possible. Our team of skilled tailors devotes a considerable amount of time to the measuring, cutting, and sewing process. Let’s take a look at the three different styling cuts for women suits:

The Feminine Woman’s Suit; This cut offers the most variety and allows for exaggerated feminine proportions.

The Androgynous Women’s Suit; This cut works for every body type as it is modern and classic. 

The Masculine Woman’s Suit; This cut is a classic men’s suit proportion tailored to a woman’s size. It comes with strong-shoulders and a V-Shaped jacket.

Whatever your preference may be, the Hidalgo Brothers team are eager to meet those needs. Get in touch with us for further information.

Common Questions:

What are the three different styling cuts for women’s suits?

The feminine woman’s suit, the androgynous women’s suit and the masculine woman’s suits.


What’s the main difference between men’s and women’s suits?

Women have more advantages with suit colours and styles in comparison to men