Tailored Suits in London: Some Sharp-Dressing Tips for Men

Renowned rock band ZZ Top once told the world that “Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man.” Among all the things most people find attractive in men, sharp-dressing is always included at the top half of the list, and that’s not about to change. Donning tailored suits in London is how you transform your style. However, not every man is exactly particular about the way he dresses, especially young men in the professional world. As an article on RealMenRealStyle.com noted:

Too many young men are starting their professional lives without a clue as to how to dress.

This needs to change; young men are the future leaders of society and dressing professionally is the first step towards becoming professional.

And although clothing does not make the man – the right clothing can give him precious seconds to make his case and influence others.

So how can men effectively become those so-called “power dressers”? Here are some tips.

Focus on the fit

The local tailor is a friend, and dress shops, such as Hidalgo Brothers, can offer you a neatly tailor made suit in London which is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. It won’t matter if a suit is the finest one in the world if it doesn’t even fit. Shirts must never puff out at the waist, while pants should never really require a belt (though a belt is a vital aesthetic touch) and should be a “slim-straight” fit.

Complement colours

Quirky colour combinations are reserved for eccentric people. Harmonized hues must be central in any man’s wardrobe– they must complement, but do not necessarily need to match. To illustrate, a bad selection would be a red suit-green pants combination, which essentially makes a man look like a walking Christmas decoration.

Eliminate unnecessary bits and pieces

Keeping up with fashion trends is good, but sometimes, those trends include certain accessories that won’t meet the requirements of a truly dapper look. For instance, white socks are an absolute no-no (unless they’re worn over workout shoes), along with graphic tees, torn/patterned jeans, and pieces with visible branding.


Keeping it clean doesn’t necessarily mean that hats, ties, or scarves should always be out of the question. They just have to complement the ensemble well. There are certain accessories– like the watch, for instance- which are considered timeless and can go with any wardrobe.

Having a tailor made suit in London and combining it with sleek accessories can make a man look as sharp as anyone can get. Clothing has always been associated with power throughout the centuries, and this holds especially true today. A well-dressed man with an air of confidence is certainly one to look up to, that’s what you get with the Hidalgo Brothers. Contact us for more information.

(Source: How to Dress Sharp | 9 Tips for Young Men, RealMenRealStyle.com)