The Home of Bespoke Suits in London

The best bespoke suits in London are found on Savile Row, the home of the modern professional’s tailor.

It can be a headache searching for the right tailor with so many around. But once you come to our doorsteps, you’ll find that you’ve made the right choice.


What is a Bespoke suit?

A Bespoke suit is a suit that has been tailor-made for your body specifically. We take over twenty measurements to ensure that the final product, fits like a glove.

There are different kinds of suits all meant for the appropriate event. For instance, an Italian suit is great for a corporate/semi-formal event while the tux is strictly meant for those regal formal events like weddings or galas.

Suits can also be your daily attire if you so desire. The key is to have fun with fashion for it is unique to each individual so don’t put yourself in a box.

At Hidalgo Brothers, you will find that we have decades of experience under our belts with an ever-growing clientele. In addition to creating an original suit, we also offer services that include but aren’t limited to suit alterations and custom accessories such as neckties, bowties, scarves, cufflinks, braces, shoes, etc.

Bespoke suits are for those people who love and enjoy wearing suits. To adorn a suit is to put forth to the world that you are very much aware of who you are and how you want to be perceived. Suits don’t have to be boring; you can choose from a range of our in-house fabrics to create your very own suit style.

Come to Hidalgo Brothers located on Savile Row, London for your bespoke suit. We are here to serve you all your suit related needs. Simply call us or fill in the contact form  to book an appointment.